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Spa treatment in the Czech Republic

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Natural remedies of the Czech resorts 

Since the 15th century, the tradition of Czech spas is an integral part of the European cultural heritage. Karlovy Vary, Mariánské and Františkovy Lázně, Teplice and Luhačovice – the fame of these and other Czech spa resorts has long crossed the borders of Europe. More than 30 resorts in the Czech Republic and a large array of spa hotels enjoy well-deserved reputation among the guests of the Czech Republic thanks to the high-quality diagnostics and treatment plus the presence of mineral and mud springs. All this combined with the convenient location makes the Czech Republic and its SPA hotels one of the major European resorts where patients from all over the world gladly receive sanatorium treatment and post-injury/post-operative rehabilitation.
Quality diagnosing and disease treatment in the Czech Republic 
The Czech spa resorts and hotels offer a high standard of healthcare, traditional treatment methods, up-to-date diagnosing and individual approach at reasonable prices. The indisputable advantage of Czech spas is their facilities for diagnostics and treatment of a wide range of illnesses, including chronic diseases (such as chronic forms of diabetes), e.g. treatment of the digestive and musculoskeletal system diseases in Karlovy Vary, diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases in Františkovy Lázně, of urological diseases in Mariánske Lázně, cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment in Teplice-nad-Bečvou and Poděbrady. Special attention at the Czech resorts is paid to the treatment of children.
Prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and relaxation 
Regardless of whether you feel unwell or just need to replenish your forces, in the Czech Republic you will find everything to restore your mental and physical strength. In addition to effective resort and spa treatment, you will be assisted along the way by the quietness and comfort of the wellness centers, spa hotels and resorts, eventful cultural and social life, presence of different kinds of sports facilities and a variety of wellness programs for a healthy lifestyle. Special features of the Czech resorts At the Czech resorts you will find a wide range of specialty products. Especially popular souvenirs from the Czech Republic are porcelain and garnet. If you, say, have not tasted the special spa wafers or local liqueur, you have barely experienced all the wonders of spa relaxation. Another traditional Czech souvenir of a spa treatment and recreation is a porcelain mug/tankard for mineral water drinking. Such souvenirs can be purchased at an every spa hotel in any of the many resorts.
Finding a resort/spa hotel in the Czech Republic: individual wellness programs 
The structure of the spa resorts website is designed in such a way as to provide easy navigation based on the patient”s medical history and location of the resort and spa hotel in the Czech Republic. Just a few mouse clicks, and you will find a suitable place for the diagnosing, treatment or recreation at a suitable sanatorium or spa hotel. You can also send a request and receive the necessary information and recommendations for your vacation at any resort or spa center of the Czech Republic. Accept our invitation and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and recreation in the country of the beautiful spa colonnades!


How to select a clinic for treatment abroad?

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Basic moments

Should you or your family member suffer any health problems, then the first in the list of the life priorities becomes the search for a medical institution capable of rendering professional assistance. But where does one find such an institution?

Unfortunately, there are still not enough large modern hospitals in our country to ensure the good medical treatment for all. Not very favorable a situation exists also regarding the application of cutting-edge methods for the treatment of various diseases, the availability of certain medicines and finally, the level of patient comfort that can be offered for the Russian in-patients. This is why in an effort to battle their disease many of our fellow citizens decide to seek help from the foreign doctors.
So, you have decided to go for treatment to another country. Just note that there are two ways to resolve organizational issues with the treatment abroad. One can apply to a foreign clinic either directly or through a tour operator specializing in the organization of such tours.
In the latter case you can count on expert assistance in the selection of a medical institution. Besides, a tour operator saves you the troubles of visas, transfers, hotel booking and translation of medical documents.
Whatever option you choose, remember that the ultimate responsibility for selecting the country, specialist and clinic lies only with you. How not to be mistaken in such an important decision? Let”s try to answer this question.
First of all, the selection of a clinic must base on what diagnosis you have. A significant percentage of foreign clinics are profile institutions operating strictly within its field of medicine. An example is the German multi-orthopaedic center “München Ost”, or the Spanish clinic “IVF Spain” specializing in the infertility treatment by means of in vitro fertilization.
In addition, each particular field comprises both “strong” clinics and “passable” ones, which is true for any country. For example, almost all cancer patients who come to Germany for treatment prefer the oncologic center in Heidelberg, though not Berlin with its own cancer treatment clinics.
Of course, there are also large medical centers abroad, which may comprise entire dozens of small specialized clinics. Multidisciplinary activities offer such world-known medical institutions as the University Hospital of Tübingen (Germany), the “Assuta” Clinic (Israel) or “Generale” Clinic (Switzerland). So if you wish not only to cure your main disease but to solve a number of minor health problems as well, it is sensible to consider an option of going to such a center.
The next step is the price analysis. Of course, the final cost of the treatment cannot be specified in advance, but at the initial stage you can at least roughly estimate the future costs.
The cost of the treatment depends, first of all, on the selected country. For example, the Swiss and US clinics are considered the most expensive, while the Israeli medical institutions, by contrast, offer quite reasonable prices for their services. Besides, the total costs are influenced by many other factors, including the complexity of medical procedures, the presence of comorbidities, status of the clinic, the selected attending specialist and the chamber”s comfort degree.

Specify in advance the treatment costs for the foreign tourists: it is often higher than for the locals. The choice of outpatient treatment allows to save some money, for it usually costs less than in-patient treatment. And be sure to verify the demand for pre-payment: its existence is one of the indicators that the clinic is reliable. Also, try to find out whether the clinic has an accreditation, preferably the JCI one or a certificate of a similar level.

The legitimacy of your chosen clinic’s activities should be confirmed by a supervising organization – either state or local (in the case of private medical practice). It is also useful to visit specialized medical websites to find the rating of the clinic you are interested in.
Furthermore, you must find out how many years a certain clinic has been in the medical services market. As practice shows, the most trustworthy medical institutions are those with more than 50 years of experience, and that provide healthcare to foreign tourists as well as to the locals. When communicating with the foreign medical institution, you must raise the question of the guarantees provided in the event of a medical mistake or unforeseen complications.
Carefully study the clinic”s website, which must provide enough information about the clinic as well as the services it renders. Also make sure to visit the public Internet resources containing the reviews of the patients who have already been treated at the clinic, preferably residents of the same country you plan to go to.
Another crucial point is the selection of doctor. Find out the attending specialist”s qualifications, membership in professional associations mandatory in the given country, or international associations. Consider, for example, the plastic surgery field. In the United States, it is mandatory for the medics performing plastic surgeries to have membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS); in Belgium, the same role is played by the Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery. Among the international associations, the most influential are the European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
Bear in mind that when clarifying the details about a particular clinic (and later signing the contract) through a mediator, there is always the risk of fraud. How not to become a fraud victim? It”s very simple – just solve all the questions either directly with the authorized hospital staff or through a trusted and recommended healthcare provider. If possible, we also advise you to arrange a personal consultation and talk with the experts in their workplace at your selected clinic.
When choosing a clinic, do not forget about the flight duration. Too long an air travel is unadvisable for pregnant women and patients with serious diseases. So, all other things being equal, preference is better given to those medical institutions that are most easily accessible.
Finally, an important factor is the lack of a language barrier. Ideally, the clinic staff should speak the languages that you speak fluently, or a qualified interpreter should be provided to you.


Health, Beauty… Czech Republic!

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Regional Company “ComTour”

Regional Company «ComTour» of «BioEnergoGroup» LLC is the official representative of the Czech enterprise «MeditourGroup» in Russia and offers residents of the Krasnodar Region its assistance for getting treatment in the clinics of the Czech Republic. Isn’t it much easier to get relevant information about the Czech healthcare facilities on the Web, saving substantially on mediation services? These and other questions our potential customers would be interested in, answers the travel company founder, Natalya Gladkova.

N.G. – Indeed, the “ComTour” company offers so-called intermediary services in the field of medical services. Does it make any sense to address our company specialists? Judge for yourself.
Any medical intervention or, when necessary, a complicated surgery, even performed by the most highly qualified professionals, are highly stressful for anyone. Is it any use exposing oneself to additional psychological stress of the visa reception, transfers, hotel accommodation, translation of documents into Russian and a host of other little things encountered during the hospital stay? Not every clinic will solve these problems for its patients. And we – we shall! This is our job – to organize your recreational trip “from beginning to end”, and to you save you from any trouble so that all the energy you have is channeled towards your recuperation.
At the start you will probably feel that you have enough strength for everything. But believe me, at the “finish line” I have repeatedly heard the words of sincere gratitude for the opportunity to pass on to our staff any problems that may arise while one is abroad.
We have a clear idea about the Czech clinics’ abilities and their personnels’ level of medical training. This was facilitated by the years of experience and personal contacts – the achievements allowing us to answer most of your questions promptly and without undue formalities.
Our experts regularly monitor the services and clinics in the Czech Republic, making sure that primary attention is to be given to the patients from the Krasnodar Region.
One would say the “ComTour” company is a reliable guide in the area of the foreign medical care which is so tempting and highly appraised, yet totally new for us at the same time.
 – Once again: Why the Czech Republic? 
 N.G. – Because for many years this country has been among the top ten states where not only Russians, but EU citizens as well travel to receive medical treatment. What is attractive about the Czech Republic is the relatively low costs (compared to European and American countries) and, at the same time, high level of its medicine.

– Let us clarify again: Which specific services does the “ComTour” company offer? 

N.G. – As I have said, our service company takes care to resolve all treatment-related questions – i.e. visas, airline tickets, transfers, hotel for the patient or his companions, high-quality translation of medical documentation, coordination of all examinations and procedures.
Often he patients have to renew their visa and solve other issues with the Czech officials – in this case they certainly need support. Our company mission is to control patient bills for hospital services. In other words, we represent and protect the interests of Russian patients.
Besides, having thoroughly explored all of the most amazing places of this beautiful country, we can arrange various free time activities for our clients. To visit the Czech Republic and not to visit its beautiful parks, unique castles and amazing museums, is absolutely unacceptable. And believe me, even if you have already been to the Czech Republic several times, there is still much left to surprise you.
– Medical service is a common phenomenon these days. The companies offering such services are aplenty. What are the criteria you would advise to use when choosing a mediator? 
N.G. – As in any matter, you have to rely on professionals. This means that at the receiving end there should be an enterprise officially registered in the Czech Republic, with its own legal address and a company website where all its requisites are given – address, phone and fax numbers in the Czech Republic, its number in the register, name and surname of its director. One of the important elements is its legal form – for example, S.R.O.

– The Russians are often concerned about the fact that in the case of possible complications it will be difficult to solve problems remotely. Does your company guarantee that the doctors and hospitals comply with their obligations to the patient?

N.G. – Prior to the healthcare provision, a written agreement between the patient and the clinic is drawn, which spells out the rights and obligations of the parties. Besides, on the territory of the Czech Republic all actions of the medics are logged and recorded. Here the doctors carry legal responsibility for the results, in compliance with all legally guaranteed rules and regulations of treatment, and strict and full state control of the medical services quality is exercised. Many clinics offer a guarantee of treatment for several years and, in the event of problems, eliminate them for free. In the absence of the clients, their interests are protected by the “ComTour” company. This is yet another argument in favor of the service companies, for they as legal entities have all the necessary levers of influence on the clinic in case of unfair compliance.
– What are the main treatment areas that your company offers for consideration?
N.G. – With our support, your problem will be solved by the experts in the fields of plastic surgery, aesthetical medicine (we speak here about obesity treatment); orthopedics (joints replacement surgery and arthroscopy); gynecology (infertility treatment IVF); proctology and urology. Besides, the Czech clinics are renowned for their diagnostic centers. Sports medicine is also widely represented in this country. On our website you shall find a full list of clinics we are cooperating with currently. Spa treatment is also included in the list of services we provide.
To familiarize yourself, select from this list the options least expensive for your budget and mental strength. And then, having become friends with us, you will make a decision about your further actions.


Medical tourism in the Czech Republic

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Currently in the Czech Republic there has already evolved the medical tourism market with its own infrastructure (medical management, accreditation bodies, medical tourism agencies and experts in the field of medical travel).

Even in the midst of the financial crisis, medical tourism is developing and making an ever-increasing impact on the national health systems and the activities of insurance companies, which increasingly prefer to pay for the treatment of their clients in foreign clinics. In the context of global economic competition, the medical tourism phenomenon forces medicine to evolve rapidly due to modern technology and improvements in the patient care.
Medical tourism has created a new concept of modern health care. Unable to solve the health problems in their own country, the patients choose a country, doctor and a clinic that can offer the most modern and timely diagnostics and treatment. The motto of the twenty-first century medicine is: «Patients without borders!».
 Why treatment in the Czech Republic? 
1. The Czech Republic is among the top ten countries where people come for treatment. Residents of the other EU countries are attracted into the Czech Republic by the relatively low prices, the immigrants from Russia and the CIS-countries, by a high level of treatment. 
2. The Czech Republic is renowned for a very high level of medicine and the relatively low prices compared to the rest of Europe and America. 
3. The experts provided for our customers enjoy great prestige in Europe in the field of their professional achievements. 
4. The psychological comfort of the patient. The genuinely home-warm attitude of all medical staff (from nurses to doctors) towards their patients and the service standards differ considerably from those in our hospitals. 
 Clinics and medical centers provide diagnosing, treatment and rehabilitation in the following fields:
* traumatology, neuro-orthopaedics, prosthetics
* surgery
* cardiology, cardiac surgery, angeology, phlebology
* oncology
* transplantation
* minimally invasive medicine
* sports medicine
* ophthalmology
* neurology, neurosurgery
* obstetrics, gynecology
* neonatology, pediatrics
* reproductive medicine
* aesthetical medicine, plastic surgery
* dermatology
* gastroenterology
* nephro-urology * rheumatology
* pulmonology
* hematology * endocrinology
* hepatology * geriatrics
* dentistry, orthodontic correction, maxillofacial surgery
* otolaryngology
* integrative medicine
* endoecological rehabilitation


Why apply to us?

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Briefly about the benefits

* We are the representatives of many Czech clinics providing treatment for Russian-speaking patients. You pay for treatment according to the clinics” prices.

* A lot of our employees are familiar with the treatment programs due to their own experience. Their personal results and positive reviews are best examples of what we can recommend to everyone.
* Our contacts with the leading clinics of the Czech Republic are the guarantee of your successful treatment.
* We guarantee you the total secrecy of the financial and medical information.
* Our prices are lower compared with the in other countries.
* All organizational services, from providing an invitation from the clinic to getting a Czech visa; from consultations with doctors and translation of all necessary documents into Czech to round-the-clock support by our staff during your stay in the Czech Republic, along with:
 * Selection of housing and accommodation.
 * Reception and sendoff at the airport or railway station.
 * Personal interpreter services * Selection of doctors and guided acquaintance with clinics.
 * Scheduled visits to the doctors.


Health tourism in the Czech Republic

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Treatment and recreation in the Czech Republic

Spa treatment is of great importance to human health, because of its both therapeutic and preventive functions.

Treatment and recreation on the well-known resorts is a final, highly efficient phase of post-disease rehabilitation, contributing to a complete recovery or a significant health improvement. Multiple repetition of spa treatment enhances the favorable healing effect on the body. In this light, a prerequisite is a successive medical supervision at every stage of the treatment.
Moreover, spa treatment is an excellent means of prevention of various illnesses, in that it strengthens body defenses and promotes the normalization of immune processes.
However, the recreation at southern resorts, with its variety of potent factors (solar radiation, thalassotherapy, mineral water & mud therapy, etc.), either by itself or in combination with physiotherapy and medication methods, has not only its therapeutic indications but contraindications in every particular resort area.

Upon your request we can help you select just the right resort for you


Education in the Czech Republic

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How to get higher education in the Czech Republic:

Studying abroad has become one of the most vital issues for many Russians and CIS citizens who plan to acquire good education at the prestigious European universities. This is a highly responsible step requiring certain investments, but this is an investment into your future and the future of your children.

An education received abroad is not only prestigious, but also profitable. Anyone who has ever thought about a career understands that to build one”s future with one”s own hands, one must from the onset lay the right foundation for success.
One of the options of studying abroad is education in the Czech Republic, which has recently acquired great popularity. These days, vocational and higher education in the Czech Republic is a progressively developing system of universities, research and administrative centers. After the initial process of integration into the EU educational system, the Czech universities continue to enrich their experience, discovering new ways of cooperation with the educational world.
An important conceptual part of higher education in the Czech Republic is the possibility of recognition of the acquired qualification and profession in other EU countries.
The Czech Republic has a law which allows foreigners to study at the universities for free, on a budgetary basis, and also provides such benefits as guaranteed meals and hostel accommodation. Currently, about 30 major public universities offer more than 1.000 various specialities, not to mention about 40 private universities in addition. All of them offer accredited Bachelor (3 – 4 years), Master (1.5 – 2 years) and doctoral programs. At the moment, education in the Czech Republic is in great demand, as many people strive to acquire their certificate at an elite higher educational establishment. And the Czech Republic, being a European country, offers ample opportunities for the graduates.
In order to be admitted to a state university and to receive a free education in the Czech Republic, you have to pass exams in the Czech language. For this purpose, there are many different training programs of language learning. This is a wonderful chance to acquire a decent education for free, which you can then use in your future career.
 You also have an opportunity to receive a second higher education in the Czech Republic. If you have already got a higher education, you have the magnificent opportunity to skip the bachelor training and proceed directly to the masters program of a Czech university. Thus, you will have graduated in 1 – 2 years!


Resorts of the Czech Republic. Treatment and Recreation

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About the tours

The Czech Republic is a fascinating country unlike any other in Europe or in the world. It is not just the birthplace of the world-best beer, but also a country boasting rich and ancient history, and always charming its visitors with its exciting tours of the unique historic and natural landmarks.

Czechia and Prague are famous for their historical past: the castles and historic towns which survived thanks to the careful approach to the architecture landmarks. Czechia has been inhabited since the time immemorial. It was the Celtic tribe of Boii which had once populated the land that gave the country its historic name, Bohemia. The Czech Republic is located on a plain, surrounded on all sides by mountains. For centuries, here crossed ways the most important peoples and civilizations in Europe. Czechia had acquired its unique image back in the Middle Ages, when here and there appeared the stately castles: Zbiroh, Karlín, Karlštejn and many others. In the architecture of Czechia, all styles are present: powerful Romanesque, inimitable Gothic, fanciful Rococo and Baroque, majestic Empire and elegant Art Nouveau, all of them expressed in the cities, fortresses and numerous castles, as well as the church and folk architecture monuments. The museums of the country boast the richest and most interesting collections from the whole world.
Travelers from all over the world come to the Czech Republic to admire the unique flavor of this beautiful, homely and at the same time fascinating and mysterious land, and especially its heart – the glorious Prague, the Mother of Cities, where each and every bystreet is a place of interest. If you want to make a tour of Czechia, be sure to visit such historic centers as Kutná Hora and Český Krumlow, Plzeň and Olomouc, Brno and Hluboká-nad-Vltavou. But it”s not only the marvelous artistic beauty which attracts people to this country. Just think of the world-famous Czech beer, the real taste of which can only be appreciated in this very land.


Treatment in the clinics of the Czech Republic

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Important info about the Czech clinics

Treatment in the Czech Republic has always been associated with complex wellness programs in the spa centers of the country. Czech Republic is famous for its unique resorts and exclusive methods of health improvement. Besides, in this country you can discover advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment in almost any medical branch.

One of the most advanced health services in the Czech Republic is plastic surgery and orthopaedics. Residents of many European countries prefer to receive services in these fields of medicine in this very country, especially since such procedures in the Czech Republic cost much lower than in the rest of Europe (see info about the treatment prices). In addition, a lot of gynecological pathologies are effectively treated here, with the focus on the infertility treatment. Also, the Czech Republic has some of the best maternity clinics in Europe, boasting high-tech equipment.
The medical staff of the Czech clinics comprises only the most highly qualified professionals of different profiles. The work of paramedical personnel also conforms to high standards, and so does the quality of nursing care during the recovery process, as evidenced by the reviews.
Medical innovations are widely used in various fields – e.g., in the Czech Republic there is the robotic surgical system “Da Vinci” and the unique stereotactic surgical system “Cyber Knife”. Some clinics of the country have earned JCI accreditation. Among the benefits of therapy in the Czech Republic are also relatively cheap prices. The doubtless advantage for the CIS residents is the minimal distance between the countries, as well as a virtually zero language barrier.
All in all, the treatment in the Czech Republic combines the high quality of medical services in any field with their affordable costs. The medicine of the country is in constant development, and highly qualified specialists from around the world arrive here regularly.