For Exporters/Importers


A foreign trade/international contract is drawn up in two languages, taking into account both international and Russian legal norms. A foreign trade contract has the following sections:


1. Names of the parties 
2. Subject of the contract: information about the product (name, description, brand, range, etc.)
3. Total amount of the contract
4. Currency of payment 
5. Terms of payment (subject to the requirements of currency legislation of the Russian Federation) 
6. Terms of delivery (definition of: delivery terms in accordance with the Incoterms 2010 rules; delivery period; list of documents required for delivery of the goods) 
7. Sanctions for the failure to fulfill obligations under the contract 
8. Force majeure (chance occurrence, unavoidable accident) 
9. Applicable law, dispute resolution, arbitration 
10. Transfer of the ownership of goods 
11. Validity and termination of the contract 
12. Other terms 
13. Legal addresses and bank requisites of the parties. 
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